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We are a team of highly professional & enthusiastic mariners and aims at providing the best of everything for our marine community.

In short we aim at improving the standards of our marine community

We will cover the following fields;

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Marine Notes

In this section you can find various custom made notes to suit your various needs like preparing for competitive exams, for familiarisation, to train cadets etc.. You can even make use of our notes to get in-depth knowledge of any particular subjects etc. While preparing the notes, we have given utmost care to present in a simple manner to give you the best even if you are completely unfamiliar with the topics.Our notes are extremely popular not only among cadets but also amongst all ranks of officers.

Marine Downloads

In addition to our custom made notes, we have a great collection of downloads which includes the featured ones which are extremely useful among mariners.

Information Services

In this section you can find various information and links to keep you updated of what is happening around.Our team focuses on only the important & minimal ones, so that you don’t are not overloaded with too much of  information.

Marine Merchandise

We are also providing hand-picked products  for the marine community.Some of our products includes- Marine Epaulettes, Travel accessories, custom made items, uniform items etc. We have the strictest quality standards while manufacturing/procuring the items.If our team doesn’t find any of the items useful on-board, we will not sell it at all.Please check the stock quantity while ordering any items.