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Written by-Josemon George

Josemon George, is currently sailing as a Chief Officer with Maersk Line.He has visited Thailand with family in August, 2015.If you wish to reach out to the author,drop an e-mail to

About Thailand

Thailand (also known as kingdom of Thailand) is situated at South East Asia.It was previously known as Siam.Thailand shares its borders with Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia.The country is under the monarchy rule.Thailand is the world’s 51st largest country in terms of the total area.With respect to population, it stands at no.20 amongst the world countries.

Visa Requirements-Tourist

If you are an Indian national, you will get visa on arrival.Major part of the income comes directly from the tourism.Obviously it is not a big deal to get visa on arrival.Also there is an option to obtain visa by applying through the Thailand embassy located in India also.But I’ll suggest you to take visa on arrival, as it’s hassle free and no complexities at all.If you don’t like to stand in long queues, there’s as option of express queue too.The latter is advised if you are traveling with older people and/or children(s).There’s an extra charge for visa fees, if you are using this service.I’ll explain about more details as we move on.If you wish to apply for the visa through the embassy, click here.

Visa Fees

For Indian Nationals, visa fees are:1000 THB(Thailand Bhat)-approximately equal to around 2000 INR (at the time of writing this travelogue).Visa charges are same irrespective of Adult or child.Note that they will only accept Thailand Bhat, so you will have to change into Thailand Bhat in advance.You can also use the ATM machines located at the Suvarnabhumi airport international terminals.You can also find money changers inside the airport.

Photo Dimensions

Immigration authority of Thailand recommends that the photo is to be of  dimension;6 x 4 cm.But I have appllied for the visa with normal passport size photo and they were quite okay with that.They are not very strict about the photo size.There are even counters for taking photos, so if have forgotten to take your’s, you are still manage.

Passport Validity

The common norm of at least 6 months validity applies for Thailand visa as well.Your passport should have sufficient pages for stamping the visa etc.

Express Queue System

The fees for Express queue is 200 THB.This is advised if you are travelling with old people or more than 2 children with you.Also it depends how long the normal queue is, depending on your time of arrival, no. of flights arriving etc.

Documents Required for Thailand Tourist Visa:

1)Passport with at least 6 months validity

passport cover page_Fotorvisa thailand

Thailand visa will take 1 full page (for entry & exit stamps together)

2)Filled in visa-on-arrival form

visa on arrival form_thailand

The cost of visa on arrival will be 1000 THB per person which is non-refundable.They will not accept any other currency other than Thai Bhat.So make sure that you have sufficient THB with you.Also note that immigration authority will NOT accept any credit/debit cards.

3)Boarding pass Stub

boarding pass stub

You need to keep your boarding pass stub too along with the on-arrival visa application.

4)Arrival-Departure Card




These 3 forms are required to be filled in at the time of Visa-on-arrival.Forms will be normally distributed onboard your arrival flight.Sometimes, they even run out of this form.You can get the same at the Visa-on-Arrival area.

5)Return Ticket or e-ticket printout

For obtaining Visa-on-Arrival, you must be in possession of your confirmed return tickets.Open tickets are not eligible for obtaining the visa.

6)Visa on Arrival Fee

The visa-on-Arrival fee is 1000/- THB for each person.Kindly note that this amount is not refundable.Also, bear in mind that they will accept only THB and not any other currency.If you are traveling in a group, you must submit the documentation for each person individually (except for infants and small children).

7)Recent size photograph

The immigration authority suggests that the photo is to be of size 6×4 cm.However, they don’t mind if  the photo size is slightly small or big.I never had any issue while submitting passport size photographs.My photo was in white background

8)Proof for ability to stay in Thailand

You will have to show the immigration authorities(if demanded) that you have sufficient funds to cover the entire period of your stay at Thailand.Normally, it is as below;

-If you are a solo traveler, an amount of 10,000/- THB

-If you travel with your family, an amount of 20,000/- THB

However, recently they are not even demanding you to show the money.However be prepared, in the event that they might ask randomly.You can have the equivalent amount in any currencies.They are not very strict about the same.

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